ČEZ, Czech Republic

slapy Slapy Project
Size: 150 MW

Slapy hydroelectric plant is a typical medium-head (50m) plant hosting three 50 MW Kaplan turbines on the Vltava river, 50 km south of Prague, Czech Republic. in 2011, pressure-time flow measurement method was specified for the acceptance tests of the upgraded Unit #3 and the Czech company OSC had the contract to perform those tests. Electricite de France offered to use its Acoustic Scintillation Flow Meter to perform a comparison test between the pressure-time and acoustic scintillation methods and the testing proceeded thanks to the permission of the plant owner ČEZ, specifically their Hydro Power Plants manager Ing. Zdenek Saturka. OSC provided the design and manufacturing of the frame onto which EDF mounted the ASFM. The measurement proceeded smoothly and the agreement between the two methods was good both in terms of accuracy and repeatability: average deviation 1.8%, 95% confidence interval 0.6%.


Publication presented at Hydro 2013