Innovative Solutions for Flow Measurements in Hydroelectric Plants


Acoustic Scintillation Flow Method Mentioned in Recent American Society of Mechanical
Engineers Performance Test Code Document (ASME PTC 18-2020). Read details here

Who we are

ASL AQFlow Inc.’s Acoustic Scintillation Flow Meter (ASFM)  is globally recognized as a solution to the hydroelectric industry’s toughest turbine flow measurement challenge – accurate and repeatable measurements in intakes of low-head power plants with no penstocks. The features of the method that make it a cost-effective solution for low-head plants apply equally to many higher-head plants as well.
The ASFM is a real-time, non-intrusive instrument that excels at performing:

  • flow measurement for turbine efficiency optimization
  • flow measurement before and after rehabilitation and
  • continuous monitoring of flow conditions.

In order to meet our client's needs,  AQFlow has developed two variations of the instrument, both installed in the intakes:         

  • ASFM Advantage - a portable, frame-mounted instrument for short-term measurements without intake dewatering
  • ASFM Monitor - a permanently mounted instrument for reliable and repeatable long-term flow monitoring.
Acoustic Scintillation Flow Meter at work video (wmv)

X-section of intake with ASFM

Schematic of ASFM in action

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