Chelan County PUD


Rocky Reach hydro project Rocky Reach Project
Plant size - 1347 MW

Flow measurements on four units at Rocky Reach in January, 1992, were the first commercial use of a prototype ASFM. The ASFM was selected by Chelan's personnel because the previously used arrays of current meters were time-consuming, costly and subject to flow interference from the support frame. The ASFM flow measurements were obtained rapidly and accurately and the results were used by the client as input into a downstream migrant fish bypass project.

Publication: presented at IGHEM 2006

Rock Island hydro project

Rock Island Hydro Project
Plant size - 668 MW

In August 2000, as part of a plant optimization program, Chelan County PUD required index tests and absolute flow measurements at selected turbines. As several of these were bulb units with very short and rapidly converging intakes, the ASFM was chosen because of its ability to measure flow using unobtrusive acoustic paths oriented directly across the intake. The results confirmed that the ASFM will deliver accurate, absolute discharge measurements under these difficult hydraulic conditions.

Publication presented at WaterPower XII 2000