Gas Natural Fenosa


Velle project

Velle Project
Size: 80 MW

Union Fenosa Generación of Spain needed to establish operational efficiency of their Kaplan turbines at 3 plants on the River Miño in north-western Spain – Velle, Frieira and Castrelo. Having reviewed all presently available flow measurement methods suitable for short intakes, Union Fenosa opted for the ASFM. As all 3 plants had identical 2-bay intakes, the portability of fully instrumented ASFM frames was of particular benefit: a comprehensive testing of one unit at each of the 3 plants was completed successfully in less than 2 weeks. Union Fenosa Generación (now Gas Natural Fenosa) is currently replacing runners of its most important units, and the results from the ASFM measurements are being used in the technical specifications for these new runners.

The ASFM has been specified as the flow measurement method for checking contractual guarantees and the first testing of the new runners with the ASFM took place at Frieira in 2011. The current meter method was used in parallel with the ASFM at Frieira, but not at Velle and Castrelo, as the flow results from the two methods agreed within 1% and the warranted efficiency was achieved based on the ASFM measured flows. Also, after the first test at Frieira, where AQFlow's technologist assisted with the measurements, all subsequent ASFM measurements were made by Gas National Fenosa personnel.

Publication: presented at IGHEM 2008 , HydroVision 2013, Hydro 2013

Castrelo project

Castrelo Project                                            
Size: 112 MW

Frieira project

Frieira Project
Size: 130 MW